Know Your Library!

On a tight budget? Why not hit the local library to save some cash. I know it sounds very 1990, but hear me out. If you’re a parent, this is even more important!  The library is full of entertainment that is FREE!  There are magazines, the newest books, free internet Wi-Fi, audio books, CDs, DVDs and plenty of other services to offer. By utilizing your public library, you could save quite a bit of cash. Let’s compare some prices.


A subscription to Vogue averages about $18.00 a year, which is $1.50 per issue. Not too bad, but if you subscribe to more than one magazine, such as Spin, Juxtapose, National Geographic, Ladies’ Home Journal, you could be spending over $20 extra on magazines that usually end up getting trashed or recycled.  You can read all of these magazines for free at the library.


DVDs go for about $16-$24 a pop and cost about $5-$10 to rent.  The library also has DVD’s to rent, especially if you are looking for the classics… You could also watch movies on Hulu or sign up for Netflix if you’re a huge movie buff.


Free Wi-Fi is nearly everywhere in larger cities. However, it may not be as accessible in smaller towns. Most libraries offer free Wi-Fi. You don’t have to completely get rid of your Internet Service, but you can lower the cost by sucking up all the free bandwidth you can get.


I’m a reader, so I know that buying books can get expensive. Nothing beats free. This comes in handy when you’re curious about a new author or when you want to get knowledgeable on the classics. When I was a kid, I read a good portion of Goosebumps in one summer. It cost me nothing. Two of my favorites, Cormac McCarthy and Tom Robbins, I found in my hometown library.


Libraries offer a variety of classes for adults, teens, kids and seniors. Aside from having full and free access to stacks of books, many libraries host guest speakers that hold lectures and classes on a variety of subjects. Each individual library has large amounts of opportunities for you to take advantage of. And, it’s free.


If you live in a large metropolitan area, chances are libraries in your area offer some of the best historical and architectural culture in the city.

Of course, people like to own things and use the internet in their own houses. Privacy and ownership are always preferred. However, when you can’t afford an internet bill, buying new books, renting the latest movies or finding someone to take care of the kids for the afternoon, please utilize your public library. It’s free. FREE. Not to mention, the education and information that can be grasped at the library can influence the way a child thinks about their own capabilities for the rest of their lives. Not only is the library free, it’s


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