Get the Best Deal By Knowing When to Buy

shutterstock_106899068_0It’s something many of us won’t think about, but by planning when to buy certain items you could end up saving some hard-earned cash. There’s a good day of the week to buy just about anything.

What day do you typically fill up your car with gas? If it’s Wednesday, keep it up! You could be saving money without even knowing it! How about buying groceries? The best days for that are Wednesdays and Sundays. Continue reading

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Unemployment Doesn’t Have to Suck

It’s no fun to suddenly find yourself unemployed and even less fun to think about paying bills and making ends meet during the job transition, but there are certain things you can do to make it a bit more manageable. Continue reading

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Pre-Authorizations Holds: Gas Station Pumps (Where’s my $75.00?!)

A Pre-authorization hold is an additional amount that will be added to your pending transaction and dropped when your transaction actually posts. This is done to protect the merchant from fraud and loss, most notably applied at Hotels, Car Rental places, Gas Stations and Restaurants.

If you use any debit card at a gas pump that doesn’t require you to enter your PIN, a pre authorization of $75.00- $100 may occur. The amount is taken off your available balance. Gas merchants do this so they can be protected, meaning: the gas station doesn’t know how much a person will pump, so they earmark a larger amount to ensure a person’s account will cover what they pump.  Some gas merchants, especially in Florida, do not warn consumers that a Pre-Authorization hold may be put on any debit account. The hold can last up to 72 hours or until the original transaction posts.

However, you can AVOID a Pre-Authorization hold by simply pre paying inside the store as debit. Use your PIN and the transaction will post immediately.

Additional Heads-ups: Most Gift Cards are run as Debit Cards.


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Know Your Library!

On a tight budget? Why not hit the local library to save some cash. I know it sounds very 1990, but hear me out. If you’re a parent, this is even more important!  The library is full of entertainment that is FREE!  There are magazines, the newest books, free internet Wi-Fi, audio books, CDs, DVDs and plenty of other services to offer. By utilizing your public library, you could save quite a bit of cash. Let’s compare some prices. Continue reading

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How to Fit Fun into a Tight Budget

There is a common misconception when it comes to staying in budget and it is; if you adhere to a budget, you won’t be able to go out and have a good time with your friends and/or family. The reason for this way of thinking is that traditional philosophies regarding budgets tend to nix all free radicals which means that things like having a few
drinks with friends or having a night out on the town are out of the question. This is unacceptable. As I have previously stated, we work to live and if we can’t live our lives in a way that makes us happy, then what’s the point? The question then becomes; how do I fit fun into a tight budget? The answer is easier than you may realize. With a few intelligent choices and preparation you can still enjoy all of the activities that bring you joy. In my personal experience, I find that the following tips help to keep you in budget when going out. Continue reading

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